HOT STUFF- Fat Blasting Calorie Killer (Stimulant Free)
HOT STUFF- Fat Blasting Calorie Killer (Stimulant Free)

HOT STUFF- Fat Blasting Calorie Killer (Stimulant Free)

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 Fat Cell Transporter

 Improve Endurance & Recovery


 Calorie Free

 Stimulant Free

 Natural Energy

***Perfect preworkout alternative for those avoiding stimulants

Our hybrid blend of L-carnitine tartrate and acety-L-carnitine far exceeds the bioavailability of other companies’ L- carnitine supplements. Even doubling the dose of regular L-carnitine doesn’t compare to the absorption rate of the HOT STUFF formula and will not yield the same sweat producing, calorie killing results you should seek during your workout. We also have a special ingredient that takes your white fat (the unwanted stored fat) and turns it into brown fat (used to maintain body temperature). This process makes your fat more readily available to be converted to energy. 

The mitochondria within your cells turn fat into ATP (energy). But your body needs sufficient amounts of L-carnitine to shuttle fat cells into the mitochondria. Simple put, carnitine metabolizes fat and the more you have- the easier, faster, and more efficiently your body is able to destroy fat and convert it to fuel.

HOT STUFF not only gives you a great sweat, but a natural clean energy, better endurance, and increased muscle recovery, all while breaking down unnecessary fat cells. Because this product is stimulant free, it can be stacked with the MOTIVATE, TUMMY TONER, and/or FAT BURNERS. 

Take one tablespoon 10-20 minutes prior to exercise. Optional to take second serving with your post workout meal to continue metabolizing unwanted fat. 

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