Hi there. My name is Christine and I run Hand Nutrition. This company was founded by my late husband, Thomas Hand Jr. who was killed on January 22, 2022. We were witnessing for Christ in a low income neighborhood where Tommy was shot and killed. I was 12 weeks pregnant with our 2nd son, and I had out 2 year old baby Roman with us.

2022 was hard. I didn't know if HAND NUTRITION would survive my grief. But our customers along with hundreds who reached out in support kept us afloat. The reason we are still here is because of our top of the line products that Tommy built that do exactly what they say that they do and our amazing and loyal customer base that he created over the course of his 15 years over this company. 

Please enjoy his original mission statement and thanks for stopping by.

Mission Statement

As a competitive body builder and 2010 Mr. New Orleans, my life has always been surrounded with nutrition and wellness. Like the old saying goes and it couldn't be more true, "without your health, you have nothing." Maintaining an active lifestyle and good well being is very important to me. I used to get overwhelmed deciding which was the best protein, vitamins, and other supplements to take. Manufacturers taking advantage of the estimated FDA rule by claiming more of an active ingredient than is actually in each serving size left me with little faith in supplement companies. These huge companies that sell products made with low grade spiked powders, tons of fillers, poor bio availability, and junk the average health enthusiast will never understand, is simply not honorable nor acceptable.

I started this company to be able to use my own products so that I am sure of what I am putting into my body. My products are made with the purest quality available and what's on the label is what is inside the container. Nothing is exaggerated or estimated like other companies do. I would rather spend the extra money and time to make the most effective nutritional products available. Train hard and live healthy. 

- Thomas C. Hand Jr.