Crea-Gainz- Zero Water Retention Creatine
Crea-Gainz- Zero Water Retention Creatine
Crea-Gainz- Zero Water Retention Creatine

Crea-Gainz- Zero Water Retention Creatine

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  • 3g of Pharmaceutical Grade Creatine HCL
  • 750mg Vitamin C for Superior Absorption
  • Increase Lean Muscle
  • Zero Water Retention/ No Puffy Face
  • Zero Stomach Bloat
  • No Upset Stomach
  • Increase Muscle Pump/ Vascularity

Creatine monohydrate and other forms of creatine combinations draw water into the intestines. This causes upset stomach and gastrointestinal irritation and pushes water under the skin, creating a bloated look with smooth muscle bellies. CREA-GAINZ will not cause this puffy look as it is absorbed around 60% better than monohydrate and other creatines. Reports by leading sports scientists show that many other creatines' absorption is only 3-12%. CREA-GAINZ will not cause abdominal cramps or any type of stomach discomfort putting you in the bathroom for 20 minutes before you train, nor does it need to by cycled on and off.

CREA-GAINZ also contains an incredible 750mg of  Vitamin C to help with cell permeability which helps pull the creatine HCL into the muscle. Vitamin C blocks cortisol while training which in turn increases testosterone, strength, and endurance.  It is also a powerful antioxidant, which blocks muscle killing free radicals and boosts the immune system. CREA-GAINZ provides 3 whole grams of pharmaceutical grade creatine HCL, which means it is in excess of 99%  purity with no fillers, binders, excipients, or other unknown substances.

Coni-Snap capsules when swallowed normally break down and open within 4 minutes, offering superior absorption compared to tablets and cheaper capsules. They are also odorless, tasteless, easy to swallow, and are oil and fat-soluble for enhanced nutrient delivery.

Take 5 capsules 5-15 minutes before training and 5 capsules post workout. On off days, take 1-2 servings of CREA-GAINZ (morning and late afternoon.) Another option is to open the capsules and sprinkle them into your TOMMY GUN preworkout which adds a sour kick.

Crea-Gainz Supplement Facts

Totally forgot how good everything was. Was pumped up with the Tommy Gun preworkout and CREA-GAINZ on the second exercise and the STAMINAAS kept me going in the gym after a long day working outside and even forgetting my headphones
– Alex B.

The only creatine I use. It does exactly what it says it does.
- Lindsey S.

I took my first dose of CREAGAINZ during my arm workout and they were so PUMPED I thought my skin was gonna pop. I’ve used creatine monohydrate before but NEVER got such a pump like today. Freaking ridiculous.
- WL

This creatine is the fastest acting, no pre-load, you see the difference immediately and no water retention!!! It’s the truth! Quality ingredients make quality products!
– Stephen V

Really digging the creatine. Pro long pumps, no puffy feeling, strength increase.
- Brian M.

Badass workout. Creagainz mixed with the TOMMY GUN preworkout is no joke. Veins come out in my shoulders I’ve never had before. 
-Wade B. 

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