CLA 5.0 Natural Abdominal Fat Blocker (Stimulant Free)
CLA 5.0 Natural Abdominal Fat Blocker (Stimulant Free)
CLA 5.0 Natural Abdominal Fat Blocker (Stimulant Free)
CLA 5.0 Natural Abdominal Fat Blocker (Stimulant Free)

CLA 5.0 Natural Abdominal Fat Blocker (Stimulant Free)

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  • Hand Nutrition CLA 5.0 is made from an all natural superior powdered form of conjugated linoleic acid. Most people use CLA to reduce abdominal fat or the fat around the gluteal and hamstring area.
  • 5 whole grams of the purest, pharmaceutical-grade powdered CLA per scoop, made from the highest quality all natural safflower oil
  • Decreases abdominal fat, increases metabolism, enhances immune system, lowers cholesterol, may help lower blood pressure, and is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Fat is absorbed with the help of the enzyme lipoprotein lipase. CLA 5.0 blocks this enzyme from storing fat and sends the fat to the muscle cells for energy while also preventing fat regain.
  • No stimulants or added flavoring
  • No muscle loss like other brand's fat loss products
  • CLA pills are usually under dosed, cheaper to produce, not as bioavailable, and will never give the same results as CLA 5.0 powder.
  • 1 scoop first thing in the morning is much easier than having to take pills multiple times throughout the day as most people forget. This eliminates the need to take 10 plus CLA pills of other brand's 3x a day timed around food, making powdered CLA  superior in absorption and convenience, especially when most pill coatings are cheap, leaving you with CLA that cannot even be absorbed.
  • Unlike most abdominal fat or metabolism boosting products, CLA 5.0 can be taken year round without having to cycle on and off.
  • CLA should not take months to see a difference. Almost all users see a difference in their abdominal area by the end of one container, while some have seen a difference in as little as four days.
  • Other benefits may include diabetes control, may help prevent atherosclerosis, age related muscle loss, improve quality of life for patients with Crohn's Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Mix one scoop first thing in the morning with your Hand Nutrition protein shake or in liquid of choice (water, coffee, juice, etc) DO NOT SKIP ANY DAYS!!! For even greater results, combine with Hand Nutrition SLAY FAT BURNERS.

CLA 5.0 Supplement Facts

I’m just glad I found you guys again, the BEST cla power anywhere. I’ve tried others after using yours and not the same. A friend was like I’m taking this, I was no way where did you find that. Ordered the next day!!! 
- John S.

I just looked back at my numbers… I’m the same now with close to 2 inches less on the gut and waist. This stuff is really the only difference.
- Glenn B.

I have dropped down two sizes taking this!
- Christina W.

I forgot how great the CLA works, and I don’t eat healthy at all. On this next bottle I’m going to eat a little better and do abs. It works amazing!
- Carlos P.

The CLA really maintains the belly. I had a guy (client) on it and then he got off of it for two months and he told me today that his pants don’t fit again. I’ve noticed with CLA, you can eat like crap the whole time and still maintain your belly and waist size! A+
- Anonymous

It’s only been one week and I noticed an unbelievable difference. I thought it would at least take two weeks. Very pleased.    
- Paris

I just started the CLA last week. It’s been the best product I’ve been on. My nephew ordered it for me. I had to buy a new swimsuit. Changes in my body are amazing.  :).
- Lori K.

I’ve been eating clean and whole for a few solid weeks, weight was coming off painfully slow. I added the CLA. I went from 250 pounds to 236.6 pounds since. CLA 5.0 is a game changer, very pleased.        
- Herb R.

I stopped using this for one week. You cannot have all the cheats and not use this. It makes an enormous difference. Started back on CLA 5.0 and BOOM see a difference in one week… this is the only CLA that truly works.  
- Carey B.

I’ll never be without CLA again. When I ran out it showed. Got my midsection back under control within a week of taking CLA again.
– Glen L.

Can’t wait to start the CLA. I lost 30 pounds the last time I was on it.
– Jennifer Z.

I love it. No bloat and I took it to West Palm Beach with me and didn’t really watch what I ate and came back 5 pounds lighter!
– Melissa D.

I ordered the CLA and SLAY fat burner. I lost 10 pounds with it so far without even working out as much as I usually do.
- Danielle K.

The CLA really works. I was 174lbs  and within a month of eating right, taking CLA, and working out I went down to  156.
- Lyndia M.

Started CLA 20 days ago and lost 2 inches from my waist. I also use the cinnamon roll protein shake twice a day replacing my old GNC shake, no other changes, and lost 3 pounds!!!
- Kelly P.

I began using this product over five years ago and it’s still the best CLA in the game.
– Derrick C.

Honestly I love the CLA. Even when I go through a cheat weekend or beer nights etc, the next day I wake up just like the morning before. 

-Brandon R. 

I finish CLA and SLAY tomorrow. I went from 231 to 213. Great results! 

-Chris M.

I lost 30lbs during the quarantine and CLA was a very large factor! I  took it every morning and just started incorporating SLAY last week and I love it!

-Ashleigh G.

What do I mix my CLA in?

 CLA is most commonly mixed in a Hand Nutrition protein shake , but can also be mixed in any beverage of choice, hot or cold. Some customers even mix it in their eggs.

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