I just wanted to say thank you for creating a supplement line that do what they say they will do. I have been using your line for over a year. I currently use the Tommy gun, protein, SLAY, and a BCAA’s. Your supplements do exactly what they say. No junk, no fillers. I have been working out off and on for over 27 years. I have taken supplements from just about every brand out there. I haven't noticed near the results I have while using your products.
Chris C.
These products are five star. They work 100 times better than what you would waste your money on at other retail shops. I have been taking the CLA and it’s the best thing I have taken in years. Yesterday was the first day taking the pre-work out… I felt like a monster at the gym! I was zoned him focused and did not feel tired. By far the best products being sold anywhere.
Nick W.
I’ve been using Hand Nutrition products for a while and I’m extremely happy with them. Protein is high-quality and the best tasting, the CLA has helped me to get leaner, and the pre-workout and CREAGAINZ in addition to gym time have helped me to get stronger and develop more muscle mass at an age that muscle mass typically begins to decrease. Thank you, Tommy and Company!
- Kerry M.
I have been into health and fitness for my whole life! Always trying to find the right whey protein and a pure CLA and fat burner that doesn’t give me the shakes and jitters! I’m sick of wasting my money on crap that doesn’t produce what it promises! Well I found it! Hand Nutrition roducts are top notch and not filled with crap! I won’t buy from anyone or anywhere else! He is always stocked and has what I need! The changes I see in my family ate amazing! But mainly we feel great and couldn’t be any happier! Thank you.
- Renee V.
I have been working out about nine months now and taking your supplements for about seven. I stacked on about 20 pounds already. Your stuff is amazing. The taste, the outcome. Everything about your products is the best! I am definitely a customer for life!
Brad C.
I’ve been using Hand Nutrition for a couple years now. It really is the best out there. The phrase “you get what you pay for” has never been more true. I was sold after I tried the pre-workout and I’ve never heard any negative feedback on any of their products. They are doing something right!
- Forrest C.
I use just about every product from Hand Nutrition. Every single product delivers great results. The watermelon pre-workout is incredible! But all three flavors have a great taste, easy on the stomach, and always provide strength and energy. ALL of the protein flavors are incredible also! Hard to find not only a great tasting, but also easy to mix and perfect texture from protein powders. That’s exactly what you get with Hand Nutrition protein. You won’t be disappointed!
Bryan M.
I am a returning customer and I have to say all supplements are awesome. I’ve tried so many different brands and not one can touch Hand Nutrition. I feel great on training and non- training days. So people stop buying poor, bottom of the barrel ingredient supplements and get with the program!
Cory B.
I’ve known Tommy since he was working in the supplement stores selling supplements. He used to complain about all the trash ingredients the big companies were putting in their products. That’s when he said he was going to make his own. So he started with the CLA. All of his products dowhR they say they will. I back his products because he is true to the industry and customer.
John L.