TUMMY TONER All Natural Abdominal Fat Blocker (Stimulant Free)
TUMMY TONER All Natural Abdominal Fat Blocker (Stimulant Free)

TUMMY TONER All Natural Abdominal Fat Blocker (Stimulant Free)

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*This product is identical to CLA 5.0, same dose, same effects, just different packaging. 

TUMMY TONER is an all natural powder form of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and has the highest dose in the industry at 5 whole grams. Just two grams is considered a working dose, and with over twice as much, TUMMY TONER is sure to deliver noticable results in your midsection. Unlike CLA in pill form, TUMMY TONER is highly bioavailable 

and is converted from the oil found in natural safflowers into a pure, concentrated powder that mixes effortlessly in any liquid and is tasteless inside a scoop of any of our CRAVE protein powders.

CLA is a polyunsaturated fat that when dosed correctly, stimulates fat breakdown, prevents fat storage, preserves muscle tissue, improves lean muscle development, boosts your immune system, and reduces cholesterol and triglycerides. 

TUMMY TONER fights fat from both ends. It inhibits the LPL (lipoprotein lipase) enzyme from storing new fat cells and also encourages a process called Lipolysis which breaks down the existing fat in your body.

Simply put, normally when you have a cheat meal (pizza, hamburger and fries, etc) you wake up, look in the mirror, and feel 10lbs heavier. TUMMY TONER is your new best friend as it not only blocks most of the fat you would normally store, you may even wake up leaner as taking TUMMY TONER daily speeds up your metabolism and sends the fat to your muscles to be burned off as ATP (energy).

Start your day off by blocking fat before the first bite of food. One scoop a day first thing without skipping any days and watch your midsection transform. 

CLA has been known for years, especially among fitness athletes, to help block fat and is a staple for those looking to stay lean. However, it sometimes gets a bad wrap for not working. Why?!? 

Well just like any good thing, there are companies who who will sell you what you think you want at 1/2 the quality and hope you won’t notice. A cheap knock off if you will, and they will cut all the corners to make the extra buck. Therefore you end up with not only a watered down dose, but an ineffective dose topped with poor absorption quality and now all of a sudden CLA “doesn’t work.” 

No. THAT CLA doesn’t work. 

Our TUMMY TONER (CLA) is not only converted into a powder form (most are pills) for the ultimate absorption power, but is a working dose of 5 whole grams (almost double majority of competitors)!!! 

This is our number one product for good reason. Most customers see a difference by the end of the first container! Diet and exercise is not required, however will accelerate more noticeable results.

Mix one scoop in your favorite CRAVE protein or other flavored beverage first thing in the morning. DO NOT SKIP ANY DAYS.

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