Tommy Gun: Watermelon, Grape, & Green Apple
Tommy Gun: Watermelon, Grape, & Green Apple
Tommy Gun: Watermelon, Grape, & Green Apple
Tommy Gun: Watermelon, Grape, & Green Apple
Tommy Gun: Watermelon, Grape, & Green Apple
Tommy Gun: Watermelon, Grape, & Green Apple

Tommy Gun: Watermelon, Grape, & Green Apple

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  • Intense Pumps
  • Long Lasting Energy
  • Increase Strength, Speed, and Endurance
  • No Headaches
  • No Crash
  • Razor Sharp Focus
  • Incredible Taste

Mix 1-2 scoops in water and consume the entire preworkout five minutes before you train. Less Water= More Sweet. More Water= Less Sweet. A good average for one scoop would be 4-8oz and for two scoops, 6-10oz. DO NOT EXCEED 3 SCOOPS IN ANY 24 HOUR PERIOD.

Tommy Gun Pre-Workout Supplement Facts

The new pre-workout is clean and steady energy. Usually after back I’m cast out and can’t get a good pump on biceps. Had a pump second set and it stayed with me throughout the whole work out.    
- Woody S.

Your pre-workout is amazing. Took it about 30 minutes before my work out and I got more done in that amount of time than normal. Focus is great. Mixed up with the creatine like you recommend as a sour grape is fantastic. Great pump too. Doesn’t make me crazy hyper either. I like that. Just good clean products.
- Josh A.

Totally forgot how good everything was. Was pumped up with the Tommy Gun preworkout and CREA-GAINZ on the second exercise and the STAMINAAS kept me going in the gym after a long day working outside and even forgetting my headphones.
– Alex B.

That preworkout is AMAZING! Gives you that natural energy and stupid crazy pumps. Awesome stuff.
- Nick F.

Just tried the Tommy Gun and OK that was insane. I could have done my work out twice. Lol These products never cease to amaze me! I’ve been using your supplements consistently for a month and lost 17.6 pounds!!!
- Kayci C.

The freaking preworkout is incredible! The focus and energy is unbelievable! Never had such a great workout. Btw the flavor is on point!!! Tasty and reminds me of a jolly rancher.  
- Brad C.

Just wanted to say thanks again for your help and input! I took pre workout this morning and felt great in the gym. I didn't feel all jittery and hyped up. Just a pure mental focus and great pump!
- Brandon D.

I love this pre-workout! I didn’t understand what no generous meant because I’m so used to pre-workouts making me feel like I’m on crack, face itching and jumpy. But your stuff is clean and works for as long as I needed to! I’ll never buy from elsewhere.
– Christian P.

By far the best pre-workout on the market. I’ve tried dozens of different brands and none are even close to TOMMY GUN. All three of the flavors are great, but there is something about the grape that I can’t get enough of.
– David K.

Finally found a pre-workout that gives lasting energy and endurance without making me feel sick or jittery.
– Britney G.

This guy has perfected this TOMMY GUN pre-workout. Mixes fantastic, has amazing workouts and pumps, and most of all the watermelon is actually really good tasting, unlike most pre-workouts I have tried! Definitely found a pre-workout, I don’t plan on switching anytime soon! Customer service is also first class!
- Lonny B.

I’ve tried like eight different pre-workout in the past two years, this is the best I ever had. Smooth, taste amazing and the best pump I’ve ever had.
- Kevin H.

The preworkout is the best I’ve ever had! So nice to not have jitters or get in a mood from a preworkout. And legit I take it and am ready to go in 15 minutes max!!! 

- Devin D. 

My girl used to be stuck on C4, now she steals my TOMMYGUN. I love the watermelon. It’s legit like drinking candy. 
-Devin D. 

The green Apple is awesome, tastes like a green jolly rancher! Everything you could want in a pre. Good energy, pump, and focus. Even with all of that I didn’t experience the “shaking” you get with other preworkouts, so I was able to actually focus on my lifts. Mixed well, servings are balanced, and gave me an edge in the gym. Still had energy for a couple hours after my workout. If you want something to get over a plateau, I would definitely recommend Hand Nutrition.

-Joseph H. 

Drinking Methods

Some people take a sip of water and dump a scoop or two in their mouth which in the grape flavor tastes like a pixie stick.

How much caffeine is in the TOMMY GUN RELOADED preworkout? 

There is only 125mg of caffeine per scoop. 

How long before I train do I need to drink my preworkout? 

With Tommy Gun, there is no need to take it 30 minutes before the gym. 5-10 minutes before you train is all you need for this preworkout to kick in.